Used Stair Lifts – Saving Money Safely

Many Americans have problem taking walks or transferring due to arthritis, muscular illnesses, or age. This could make going up and down the stairs painful and un-safe. For many this means relying on a person to help them travel up or down the stairs or possibly just way now not the usage of the steps and ultimately no longer using a massive part of their home. A non-public elevator, while very beneficial, can easily fee nicely over $20,000. There is a sensible and less costly answer even though in an effort to let you use the steps appropriately and independently. That solution is a stair lift.

Stair lifts, or stair chairs as they are every so often referred to as, bring a seated or in a few instances status man or woman up and down the steps. Stair lifts commonly are without difficulty established by using bolting a song to the aspect of the steps. A chair or small platform then travels up and down the track. You can get a stair lift for a small fraction of what it’d value to put in a personal elevator and do no longer have to sell your house simply due to the fact you cannot use the stairs. It is viable to save even extra money by means of shopping for a used stair lift, however you need to make sure which you are shopping it from a good provider. trappa This ensures that you’ll get a very refurbished stair lifts so that they may be in the equal circumstance as though they were brand new. They also provide a guarantee on the stair carry, which probabilities are you may in no way use, but it’s miles nevertheless first-rate to have.

Before you order your stair raise you need to have an idea of the length of your stairs. The supplier will then custom cut a track to fit your stairs. It is critical to get an correct measurement, so it’s far always an amazing idea to take each dimension twice. Using a measuring tape step one may be to degree the overall distance of your stairs. Start at the top step and measure the space to the lowest of the steps. Ensure that the measuring tape touches the edge of every step and does not sag between the steps. Next measure the gap from the top step to the threshold of the lowest step. This dimension is similar to the primary one, however does not move all of the manner to the landing. Again you will want to ensure that the tape does not sag between steps and that it makes contact with the edge of each step. Now degree the peak, width, depth, and the diagonal distance from side to fringe of one step. These measurements will help make sure that your first measurements are accurate and that your stairs are extensive enough for a stair lift. Finally, degree the gap from the bottom step to the closest wall or different obstruction.

This Stair Lift Measuring Guide has a few virtually useful pix and other statistics.

Once you have an accurate size of your stairs you are geared up to start shopping for a stair raise. Most legitimate sellers have skilled personnel status by means of geared up to answer your questions and help you discover a stair carry so one can fit your stairs and your needs. Don’t be afraid to invite for help with the measurements or if you have any questions.